For Faculty

Writing Fellows are assigned to those instructors who request them and who require of their students two or three writing projects, spaced out evenly over the semester, with time allowed for revisions. (Writing projects might mean two to three short papers or one long paper submitted--and revised--in successive stages, or any other variation you might invent.) The Writing Fellows assigned to any given course read and discuss all first drafts written by students enrolled in the course. Students then have a week to revise their papers, after which they hand in a second draft (with the first draft attached) to their professor, who grades the second draft.

Barnard Writing Fellows are specially selected and trained peer tutors who consult with other undergraduates on the papers they write in courses taught by Barnard faculty across the curriculum. Writing Fellows also staff the Writing Center. Writing Fellows have been/are attached to courses in Anthropology, Architecture, Asian and Middle Eastern Cultures, Biology, Comparative Literature, Economics, English, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Slavic, Sociology, Spanish, and Women's Studies.

If you would like to have Writing Fellows attached to your course, please be in touch with Pam Cobrin by e-mail ( or telephone (212.854.2724).