Other Writing and Research Resources

Writing Fellow Requests

Writing Fellows are available to collaborate with R.A.s and other campus leaders on drop-in hours, workshops, or other projects. They are also available to meet with seniors for longer conferences on their theses, outside of the normal hours of the Writing Center. If you would like to work with Writing Fellows in any capacity outside attached classes or the Writing Center, though, please email writing@barnard.edu with your request at least two weeks before you'd like to work with a Fellow.


A Guide to Resources for Writing at Barnard College is a short booklet collaboratively created by Barnard First-Year Foundations professors, the Dean of Studies Office, and the Writing Program.  This is an excellent resource for students of all disciplines and writing levels, whether you are writing a paper at Barnard for the first time or looking for a new way to think about your writing process.

You can also find another guide for the Preparation of Papers on the First-Year English website.

BLAIS: Barnard Library and Academic Information Services

In addition to books, journals, audiovisual media, and online databases, the Library supports research through its Personal Librarian program.  Each Constellation, department, and program is assigned a Personal Librarian who can work with you to articulate your research question and map out a search strategy.  Schedule a consultation today!

Citing Sources

Barnard College's Honor Code strictly prohibits plagiarism of any kind.  For a trustworthy, online guide to citing sources and building your bibliography, visit Diana Hacker's Online Handbook.  Print copies are also available in the library.

Books About Writing

See below for a list of excellent, reader-friendly books about the writing process, theory, and mechanics.  These all have a great sense of humor, which can often be more helpful than standard textbooks.

Fish, Stanley. How to Write a Sentence (and How to Read One). New York: Harper, 2011. Print.

Graff, Gerald, and Cathy Birkenstein. They Say, I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing (2nd Edition). New York: W. W. Norton &, 2010. Print.

Strunk, William Jr., and E. B. White. The Elements of Style. New York: Pearson Longman, 2009. Print.