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We, the Science Fellows, apply inclusive Writing Center pedagogy to science at Barnard, and promote students' ability to transfer their communication skills across disciplines.

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Applications are live now until March 2nd.

The Science Fellows are a subset of the Writing and Speaking Fellows program. We are students pursuing majors in a large variety of subjects, but have taken rigorous science courses and pursued our own research interests.

In doing so, we have realized the importance of communicating science at Barnard and beyond. We work closely with science professors across departments to support every student in developing tools to describe and interpret data, use scientific language clearly and concisely, and blend the skills learned in humanities classes with scientific ones.

Meet the Science Fellows

"I firmly hold the belief that writing is the heart of communication. Regardless of whether one is a humanities student or a science major, the skill of eloquent, persuasive writing is crucial to conveying one’s ideas. I want to work with other people’s writing to help them express themselves and realize that writing is such a potent tool no matter what you study."

Joanna Gao | Neuroscience and English | BC'19

"As someone who is interested in both the science and the humanities, the opportunity to be a Science Fellow allowed me to synergistically mesh both my passions together. I enjoy being a Science Fellow because it allows me to encourage collaboration and communication within the sciences, deconstructing the idea that the science and humanities are two separate disciplines."

Mehrose Ahmad | Biochemistry | BC'21
Vyoma Sahani

"As a Neuroscience major, I learned early on that effective science communication is as important as the science itself. I joined the Science Fellows program my sophomore year and it has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my time at Barnard. Having the opportunity to mentor students, collaborate with science professors, and ultimately create a dialogue around science communication on campus is incredibly unique and only possible due to a team of dedicated students, the Science Fellows."

Vyoma Sahani | Neuroscience | BC'20


"Writing is at the heart of doing science: it's how we shape our science and present it to the world. To be able to question ideas and work with how language presents these ideas with our peers is exactly what scientists do all the time. This is why Science Writing Fellows help us develop as scientists — whether we are the Fellows or the Fellowees."

Tasneem Ebrahim | Cell and Molecular Biology | BC'20

"It is becoming ever so necessary to convey the relevance and implications of scientific research to the larger community. Alongside that, I am particularly interested in the effective communication of the motivation and intent that drives scientific research/writing."

Ana Lam | Physics | BC'20

Angela Montero

Biochemistry | BC'20

Our Mission

We, the Science Fellows, apply inclusive Writing Center pedagogy to science at Barnard, and promote students' ability to transfer their communication skills across disciplines.

We hope to prepare students for advanced scientific communication, and to see themselves as members of the scientific community by breaking down the purpose of the structure and tone of scientific writing, supporting students' abilities to use data to construct scientific arguments, creating a dialogue about best practices for effectively communicating results and conclusions. Primarily, we hope to foster a space for campus-wide discussions about data literacy and effective scientific communication.


How can I make an appointment with a Science Fellow?

If you are unable to meet with a Science Fellow during drop-in hours, we recommend signing up for an hour-long conference using the online scheduler: Writing Fellow or Speaking Fellow. To filter for a Science Fellow, please click the “limit to” button on the menu bar and select “Science Fellow” as shown below.

Do I have to be a science major to apply?

Nope! We are looking for students with a scientific background, but many of our current Science Fellows are majoring in other subjects as well! Having an abundance of scientific knowledge, while certainly not harmful, is less important to us than your passion for effective science language communication. We are of course looking for strong readers and writers, but equally crucial to being a Science Fellow is an ability to connect with other people.