Science Fellows

Who are we?

The Science Fellows are a subset of the Writing Fellows program. We are  students pursuing majors in a large variety of subjects, but have taken rigorous science courses and pursued our own research interests. In doing so, we have realized the importance of scientific writing to success at Barnard and beyond. We work closely with science professors across departments to support every student in developing tools to describe and interpret data, use scientific language clearly and concisely, and blend the skills learned in humanities classes with scientific ones.

Our Mission.

We, the Science Fellows, apply inclusive Writing Center pedagogy to science at Barnard, and promote students' ability to transfer their communication skills across disciplines. We hope to prepare students for advanced scientific communication, and to see themselves as members of the scientific community by:

  • Breaking down the purpose of the structure and tone of scientific writing
  • Supporting students' abilities to use data to construct scientific arguments
  • Creating a dialogue about best practices for effectively communicating results and conclusions

Primarily, we hope to foster a space for campus-wide discussions about data literacy and effective scientific communication.

Come and meet us!

The Writing Center

If you are unable to meet with a Science Fellow during drop-in hours, we recommend signing up for an hour-long conference using the online scheduler. To filter for a Science Fellow, please click the “limit to” button on the menu bar and select “Science Fellow” as shown below.


Drop-In Hours

The Science Fellows also hold drop-in hours open to any scientific writing, and some for specific classes/programs. You can view the schedule here:


For more information, or to learn about becoming a Science Fellow, please contact Ashna Shome, Program Coordinator via email (