Working with Fellows in Attached Courses

If your class has attached Writing Fellows, your instructor will list two due dates for each piece of writing assigned. You will hand in your first draft to your instructor, who will pass it on to your Writing Fellow. The Writing Fellow will read it, write comments, and conference with you on it, after which you will have a week to revise the paper and hand in a final version.

Sign up for your conference with the Writing Fellow when you first hand in your paper. Conference locations will be indicated on the sign-up sheet. Please make a note of when and where you have scheduled your conference. Also, please make sure to record your Writing Fellow's phone number when you sign up for your conference in case you need to contact her.

Conferences offer you and your Writing Fellow the chance for an extended conversation about your paper. Attached course conferences last up to 30 minutes. We hope that these conferences will help you to develop what you want to say and how best to say it, so that you will have a superior revision to submit to your instructor (along with your first version) by the final due date.

Please note: If you are in a course with attached fellows, it is a course requirement that you meet with your Writing Fellow to discuss your papers, but you are entirely free to make your own choices about how much and what sort of revision you finally want to do.