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The Writing Center Conference

Any student (Barnard or Columbia) may use the Writing Center for Barnard courses. Barnard students may also use the Writing Center for Columbia courses, with their instructor's permission (please have this form signed and bring it to your Writing Center conference).

When you arrive at the Writing Center (on the 2nd floor of Barnard Hall, south-east end), you can wait on the green couches next to BAR 222. Your Writing Fellow will come out to meet you and bring you to one of the Writing Center cubes. If you are locked out of the 2nd floor, and/or your Writing Fellow is not able to find you at the agreed upon meeting time, the Fellow will call you on the number you've provided on the online scheduler.

Please bring a hard copy of your draft to your appointment, as well as a copy of the assignment/prompt, and anything else you think might be helpful in your conference (such as the texts you are writing about). If you do not have a complete draft, feel free to bring in whatever writing you've finished. Writing Fellows are happy to discuss ideas for thesis statements, introductions, conclusions, etc., in lieu of completed drafts.  If you haven't yet written anything, just be ready and willing to have a conversation about your ideas.

Each appointment in the Writing Center lasts up to one hour. Generally, during the first part of the conference, your Writing Fellow will read what you have written (if you have something written) and make comments in the margins. Then, the two of you will engage in an intelligent discussion about your ideas and your writing. Please ask any and all questions you have and, if you have particular concerns, tell them to your Writing Fellow!

For more information, please visit the following links:

How to Sign Up: How the scheduling system works, and the best way to make an appointment.

Drop-In Hours: How and when to meet with a Writing Fellow without making an appointment in advance.

Policies: What to do if you need to cancel, are running late, etc.