Summer Drop-In Hours (for PCP students only)

For students enrolled in Barnard's pre-college programs, Writing Center drop-in hours will be available on:

2nd floor of Barnard Hall (south side)

All students will be conferenced on a first come, first serve basis.  When you arrive, please sign-in on the sheet on the coffee table and have a seat until the Writing Fellows give you further instructions.

Writing Fellows are Barnard students who have been trained to work with their peers on writing skills.  Writing Fellows can work with you at any stage of the writing process -- you can come in with (or without) a full draft, an introduction, an outline, a quote, a web, a few notes, or just some ideas.  The most important thing is to come in ready to have a conversation about your writing and your ideas.

If you do come in with written material, please make sure to print it out beforehand, as you will not be able to print in the Writing Center.

If you have any questions about drop-in hours or the Writing Center in general, please send an email to or call the Writing Program office at 212-854-8941.