Writing Fellows

Barnard Writing Fellows
A student and Writing Fellow meet in the Writing Center

Writing Fellows are generous and critical readers. They ask questions so that the writer can clarify, explain, expand and explore their writing. They are not tutors or TAs. It is not their role to comment on the accuracy of the content or to grade a students’ paper. We believe—and our practice reflects—that every work a writer brings us belongs to the voice of the writer. 

Having finished their training, they staff the Erica Mann Jong '63 Writing Center and work in courses across the disciplines. They conference with students about written assignments to help clarify, organize, and strengthen content, so that a non-expert can understand the assignment.

Our work is built on the foundational belief that knowledge production can happen outside of a classroom and is not solely dependent on a professor. Worlds of knowledge can be built between peers and the experiences they bring to conversations when they listen and respond to each other.

This work must be enacted within an open, self-reflective, anti-racist environment. As such, we commit to: 

  • Affirm and empower students’ rights to multiple, non-standard Englishes, while never withholding any information about standard academic English that students may seek;
  • Leverage our position within the educational system to advocate for student writers who are oppressed on the basis of their social identity ( i.e. race, nationality, gender, religion, socio-economic status, educational experience, etc.);
  • Reflect on our own practice/s and how they may be racist or complicit with racism so we can change them; and
  • Require that all Writing Fellows adhere to anti-racist practices by committing to the above-listed items along with additional items as they emerge.

    Speaking and Writing Fellow Collaboration

    The Writing and Speaking fellows are collaborating to help you refine your thesis presentations (PowerPoint or poster) and practice presenting them in the same space. 

    Email speaking@barnard.edu for questions