Science Writing Fellows

Meet With a Science Writing Fellow

In our 1:1 conferences, we can work with you on any assignment at any stage of the writing process, including: brainstorming, outlining, and revising, writing lab reports and review papers, writing original research papers, any writing/reading assignments for your classes and labs, personal statements and research applications.


How can I make an appointment with a Science Fellow?

If you are unable to meet with a Science Fellow during drop-in hours, we recommend signing up for an hour-long conference using the online scheduler: Writing Fellow or Speaking Fellow. To filter for a Science Fellow, please click the “limit to” button on the menu bar and select “Science Fellow” as shown below.

Do I have to be a science major to apply?

Nope! We are looking for students with a scientific background, but many of our current Science Fellows are majoring in other subjects as well! Having an abundance of scientific knowledge, while certainly not harmful, is less important to us than your passion for effective science language communication. We are of course looking for strong readers and writers, but equally crucial to being a Science Fellow is an ability to connect with other people. 

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

Email Kalina Ko, Post-Bacc Science Fellow Coordinator ( if any other questions or concerns arise!